Standard Procedures

  1. Buyer confirms Soft Offer and acceptance of the Seller’s procedures, issues ICPO with Seller’s procedures incorporated on the ICPO plus Official Letter of Acceptance.
  2. Seller issues Contract and CI (Commercial Invoice) and Buyer counter signed and return with 48 Hours to seller.
  3. Buyer provide to Seller its TANK STORAGE AGREEMENT (TSA) from a reputable tank farm storage company which must be transneft certified for seller verification and an irrevocable official letter confirming that upon receipt of the PPOP from seller the buyer must provide their tank storage receipt (TSR) from their storage company.
  4. Seller Issue to Buyer the PPOP documents:
    • Passport product analysis
    • Notarized Authorization to Sell (ATS)
    • Company Registration Certificate
    • Tax Registration Certificate
    • Notarized Commitment to Supply
    • Notarized Statement of Availability of Product
  5. Within 48 hours on receipt of the PPOP buyer provides his TSR and Seller commences injection into buyers leased tank and Buyer verifies the product via ATV in the storage tank at the port and Buyer to conduct dip test on the product
  6. Upon Buyer Successful Q&Q Dip Test on the product by SGS, Buyer makes the payment for the Total Value of the Product Injected into his storage Tanks through MT103-T/T
  7. Upon Seller Receipt of the Payment for the Product from the buyer, Seller issue to Buyer the Title Ownership of the product and all Exporting Document of the product
  8. Buyer Lift the product with its Vessel Tanker
  9. Vessel cleared for voyage

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