Nigerian Bonny Light CRUDE OIL

We deal directly with Nigeria Nation Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

No resellers, fiduciaries or middlemen. Very few facilitators can back up or prove this statement or association

Procedures are simple and straight forward

All purchases directly from NNPC are bulk allocation to facilitate FOB Nigeria buyers

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One cannot purchase off-OPEC oil through official channels. Nigeria is an OPEC country. OPEC sets its quotas for what their members are allowed to produce and sell. OPEC believes this is what is keeping oil prices controlled. So as an OPEC producer, Nigeria and their suppliers report the official numbers of production and sale to conform to the rules set by OPEC

According to the International Energy Agency, Nigeria produced about 2.53 million barrels per day, well below its oil production capacity of over 3 million barrels per day, in 2011. Actual production today is well over 4 million barrels per day. Do the math and ask yourself where all this unreported oil goes

These OFF-OPEC allotments are only given to those that have proven their FINANCIAL CAPACITY to perform in the oil industry. This is a highly secretive process because the allocations are issued at the top level of the Government usually as a way for someone connected to receive profits in the oil business. The potential OFF-OPEC allottee is then given the nod of approval which is passed directly to the board of the NNPC. OPEC transactions are transactions by the Nigerian government through those unpublished companies. Off-OPEC is transacted at the Bonny Terminal on behalf of the government and is legal in Nigeria. But in doing so breaks OPEC rules, hence we have Off-OPEC police that monitors/sanction countries that do Off-OPEC sales. As Off-OPEC prices are governed by supply and demand they are seen to be increasing the volume of oil available worldwide thereby dropping the price fixed by OPEC. Every country in OPEC does OFF-OPEC sales.

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